A Little Bit About Nicole

I come from a family of talented, artistic, and everything-delicious oriented people. I grew up watching my mom bake and decorate cakes — she would make all of our birthday cakes and school class sweets. My grandmother also always made tons of sweets (my favorite was when she would make me tapioca pudding!) My father went to art school (he is pretty crazy talented) and he also owned a few pizza places and a restaurant. My parents met at one of his restaurants and so from the very start, a love for food and creativity was forged in our family. 

A few years later, my parents decided to open an Italian Market/Catering business in our home town. That was 12 successful years ago. I started working there when I was 16 and there I learned about a kitchen environment from my dad and how to run the business from my mom. They also had a pastry chef who I learned a few things from and when my parents' business opened a satellite location in the next town over, I went with the pastry chef to help bake. Turns out that I was pretty good at it and I really loved my work. I decided to study Classic Pastry Arts at The French Culinary Institute in NYC and I graduated in November 2011, proudly with my chef's hat.  

I continued to work through my parents catering business and began to build a name for myself. Then fate stepped in one day as I was out with my mom and sister in Glen Rock, NJ. We stopped in Heavenly Treats — the store was just so inviting. The owners at the time were our friends from Ramsey, so we popped in for a quick hello. When I walked in I turned to my sister and said, "This is my dream store!" We then quickly learned that the store was for sale. By the next morning I had my intent to purchase papers signed...

After two wonderful years, I have expanded the bakery, offering custom cakes and specialty desserts. The time has come for a name change, to make my mark on this fun and delicious place — something that represents the store as a whole from our custom cakes to our love for all sweets. Sweet Love & Cake. From our assorted chocolates, bulk and novelty candy to our cookies, cupcakes, and cakes — Sweet Love & Cake is the epitome of sweetness and all that is yummy and good in this world.